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Based on the directive-based OpenACC and OpenHMPP standards, CAPS compilers enable developers to incrementally build portable applications for various many-core systems such as NVIDIA and AMD GPUs, and Intel Xeon Phi.

The source-to-source CAPS compilers integrate powerful data parallel code generators that produce CUDA or OpenCL code. CAPS compilers rely on your original CPU compiler to produce the host application binary and the hardware vendor compilers to produce the binary of the accelerated parts of the application.


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7 Reasons for CAPS CompilersCAPS Compilers box

  • Enjoy the power of GPUs
  • Preserve your software assets
  • Reduce risk and cost using an incremental approach
  • Ensure interoperability with an open standard
  • Benefit from an affordable solution
  • Intelligible CUDA or OpenCL code
  • Keep your CPU Compiler

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Supported platforms and compilers

Linux Systems      
Windows Systems
Supported Compilers:      

Supported OSes: 

(64-bit only)

Supported Compilers: Supported OSes:           

Intel 11.1+

GNU gcc 4.1+

GNU gfortran 4.3+

Open64 4.2+

Absoft Pro Fortran 11.0+

Debian 5.0+              

RedHat Entreprise Linux 5.3+

OpenSuse 11.0+

SLES 11.0+

Ubuntu 9.10-11.10

Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 and up


Absoft pro Fortran 2013

Windows Server 2008 R2

Windows 7


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